Sexuality & Intimacy

Sexuality & Intimacy

Many people assume that the most gratifying sex and intimacy “just happen,” and that if this is not the case in your life, then there is something wrong with you. I am here to challenge that myth!

In any bookstore you will find rows and rows of books about sex and intimacy. There are “how to” books of all kinds, and advice for different cultures, life stages, and attitudes.

But my question to you is: If sex and intimacy are so “easy” for everyone, then how come there are so many books dealing with the subject? It’s not about perfection . . .it’s about connection!

When you feel embarrassed and reluctant to talk about pain, body image, sensation, desire, or how chronic illness changes sexuality, then you’re missing out on one of life’s most vital pleasures.

As a clinically trained sex therapist, I work with you to address these sensitive and often ignored issues that impact life so deeply.

In addition to my work with individuals and couples, I educate medical professionals so that they feel more comfortable speaking to their patients about sexuality and intimacy.