Learning how to communicate and feeling comfortable doing so is a challenging process for so many.  Whether it’s communicating about what you want, what you need or asking questions that for some may seem simple, but for many are terrifying, it all can seem overwhelming.

Ms. Kant has developed workshops that address this issue and others under the banners of healthcare communication, empowerment and human sexuality.  Learning to listen to one’s own voice, to get in touch with one’s physical body and to address past-current-future mental attitudes can be a challenge but is the key to the development of authentic self-esteem.

Through humor and well-researched examples, Ms. Kant encourages audiences to liberate their thought process in order to learn more about healthy self-respect and about how to effectively address issues surrounding personal communication in an attempt to build that bridge to deeper connections and intimacy.

Workshops have been designed for both professional as well as patient consumer groups.

Workshops in Development

“I Can’t Hear You When You’re Talking”
What happens inside your brain and body when fear and anxiety become the loudest voices in the room – or at least in your head? Whether you are communicating with your boss, loved one or healthcare provider, how do we allow ourselves to truly hear what is being said?

“A Clearer Route To Connection – Doing Away With Emotional Hoarders?”
So many of us hold on to leftover emotions, grudges we can’t release, anger, long expired love, longing and many other emotions. What happens when you are an emotional hoarder and unable to let go; clean out your psyche so you can clear a path to your heart?

“The Menace of Sexual Myths”
How can one topic – “sex” have so many myths about it, surrounding it and driving how millions of people feel about it? This workshop addresses and dispels the myths and bring reality into focus.

“Intimacy . . . A Weighty Issue”
Whether you are male or female, how you view your sexuality, sensuality and connect on an intimate level is intrinsically linked to how you view your body. How can you change that?

Past Workshops

“Sexuality and Aging”
(Canyon Ranch and Spa – The Berkshires)

“Sexual Mythogyny”
(Queens Library)

“Direct Practice . . . Human Sexuality/Sex Therapy”
(Silberman School of Social Work)

“Sex Takes Two But Starts With You©”(2013/2014)
(The Jewish Community Center of Manhattan)

“The Holy Trilogy of Sex©”
(Canyon Ranch & Spa – Lenox, MA and Miami, FL)

“You Are Not Your Disability”
(Hunter College)

“Sexuality and Cancer”
(Prostate Cancer Support Group/Monter Cancer Center/North Shore/Long Island Jewish Medical Center)

“Asking The Tough Questions: Communicating With Your Healthcare Team”
(New York City Area Fibromyalgia and CFIDS Meetup)

“Sexuality and Intimacy at End of Life”
(Metropolitan Jewish Hospice)

“Chronic Illness: A Family Affair”
(Institute of Contemporary Psychotherapy)

“Sexuality and Intimacy with ESRD Patients”
(Council of Nephrology Social Workers)

“Sexuality and Intimacy with ESRD Patients”
(Long Island Jewish Hospital)